Open of Beijing Amusement Park needs time: deputy

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A彩神快3APP官方-彩神大发快3ccording to th彩神快3APP官方-彩神大发快3e govern彩神快3APP官方-彩神大发快3ment report of the Dongcheng District released in early January, the ecology landscape of the Beijing Amusement Park will be renovated within this year. But it will be possibly reopened to the public no earlier than 2017, because of its following greening work and auxiliary facility construction, said Li Xianzhong, deputy to the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress on January 26.

Li, also the head of the Dongcheng District, said the Beijing Amusement Park carries childhood memories of a lot of Beijingers.

Although the park is accustomed to be called Beijing Amusement Park, it will be changed into a forest park with no longer an amusement-park function, leaving alone the ferris wheel standing where it was. In addition, the park will be opened to the public for free.

The once modern amusement park was the earliest one of the city built in the Longtanhu Park, Dongcheng District in 1984, occupying an area of 5400,000 square meters including 170,000 square meters of water.