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      Selection of steam-free and aerated brick loading
      Time: 2018-11-25    View: 2208    Burst: 

      The steam-free and aerated brick feeding machine is an essential machine for conveying raw materials such as cement and fly ash to the mixer, which is equivalent to the “logistics department”. The configuration of the loading machine affects the steam-free pressure to a certain extent. The production speed of gas bricks, if the speed of feeding is fast, can save the time of the entire production line to a certain extent.


      At present, there are mainly three types of feeding methods, namely, feeding, automatic batching (electronic batching machine) and other tools such as forklifts.

      1. The investment of the feeding feeder is small, the speed is medium, and it is widely used in actual use;

      2. The automatic batching of materials is highly automated, and it can control the ratio of various raw materials more strictly, but it needs to add a certain amount of investment;

      3, the characteristics of other tools such as forklifts are fast, less labor, the disadvantage is that the investment is larger.


      Investors who want to buy steam-free aerated bricks can choose the loading method that suits their situation according to their own situation, and then decide the choice of loading machine.

      Os investidores que quiserem comprar tijolos arejados sem vapor podem escolher o método de carregamento que se adapte às suas situa??es de acordo com a sua própria situa??o, e ent?o decidir a escolha da máquina de carregamento.

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