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      Home - About Us - Company ProfileCompany Profile
      Quanzhou Xionghui Machinery Industry Trade Co.,Ltd.located in the quanzhou city,which is the economic district center on the west coast of Taiwan strait. Our company is a manufacture enterprise, as professionally specialized in the concrete block making machine, fully automatic self preservation block machine production line, solid and hollow core wall panel machine whole complete equipments, and other new wall materials equipments.

      It areas more than 40000 square meters, the workshop for production has more than 25000 square meters. The professional engineers and technicians own lots of solid basic theory and rich practical experience. Our company has passed the ISO9001-2008 International Quality Management Certification, and achieved the national invention and utility model patents, such as ‘National high-tech enterprises’, ‘China top 10 famous brands of block making machine’, ‘Quanzhou city famous trademark’, ‘Quanzhou city comply with contract and keep promise enterprises’and so on.

      Our company has insisted on the principle of Quality First as its necessary development conditions for many years, and the management philosophy is customer oriented,service first. Our company products have been sold to home and abroad, such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Libya, Zambia, Nigeria and other more than twenty countries and areas.

      We are sincerely looking forward to corporation with all customers from home and abroad and join hands together in creating a bright future!

      Sales consulting hotline
      15959529579 / 15559005873
      Address:Quanzhou Nan'an Daxiamei Binjiang Machinery Manufacturing Base
      Tel:0086-595-22453399 22427118 Fax:0086-595-22453379
      Mobile phone QR code
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